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Folk Song & Dance Group

The Student Folk Song and Dance Group “Podlasie” has existed since 1970.  In its artistic work it has concentrated on presenting Polish folklore mainly from the region of Podlasie. The group has performed in numerous television programmes.


For 25 years the dancers have conducted educational folklore meetings with children.

The Folk Song and Dance Group “Podlasie” has participated in a number of festivals both in Poland and abroad. It has gone on 53 tours and it has often been awarded for its activities.  


There are nearly 80 students and graduates of all faculties dancing, singing and playing instruments in Podlasie.

Group Podlasie is a member of the Polish Section of the International Folk Festivals and Art Association of the International Folk Festivals and Art Associations (PS CIOFF).

Podlasie has performed hundreds of concerts all over the world presenting its dance, vocal and instrumental repertoire, which comprises all Polish national dances and regional suites of Podlasie, Lublin, Kurpie, Lachy Sądeckie, Rzeszów, Opoczno, Silesian Beskid, Krakowiak Wschodni. 

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