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PhD. Marcin Bochenek


Artistic director, choreographer

Academic teacher, head of the Department of Dance at the Academy of Physical Education in Biała. Winner of many decorations and awards in the field of dance and folklore. Author of studies on Podlasie dances for the stage and methodological materials. Dance instructor and lecturer in qualification courses and postgraduate studies. Author and co-author of 68 methodological and scientific publications - including 4 monographs on the traditional culture of the Bug River population, including the dance folklore of Podlasie. Expert of the Polish CIOFF Section of the International Council of Folklore Festivals and Folk Art Associations.

Marian Rzędzicki, MA

old documents

Organizational manager, President of the ZPiT Podlasie Association

A graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw, since 1978 he has been working as a dance instructor, a long-term employee of the Dance Department of the University of Physical Education in Biała, a tutor for many generations of dancers, a laureate of prizes and decorations in the field of folklore. He has been associated with the team from the beginning. Currently, he is the Team Manager and the President of the "Podlasie" Song and Dance Ensemble Association.

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