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Przemysław Marcyniak - teacher, composer, arranger, conductor

Currently, he is the Music Manager of the Song and Dance Ensemble "Podlasie". A musician who has been cooperating with the ensemble since 2006. Thanks to his help and commitment, ZPiT "Podlasie" took a new "shape".

He participated in all recent projects carried out by the group. He prepared the arrangements for all suites and was the music director of recordings that the band made at the Music Studio in Laski near Warsaw. He led the band during the recordings as part of the "Korobeczka 2019" project at the S4 studio of Polish Radio carried out in September 2019.

Bialskie Jazz Trio

Jarosław Michaluk - bass, Radosław Żyła - drums, saxophone, Paweł Odoszewski - piano.

Musicians who have been collaborating and touring with the ensemble since 2010.

With their help, many studies have already been created, in which the Podlasie band and the Jazz Trio combine folklore and jazz.

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